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Tiger vs bear

tiger vs bear

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Tiger vs bear - sorry

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Yeah Siberian tigers are boss and can take on things of similar size, but not something with all those adaptations. Polar bears are extra strong and they live off of a diet almost entirely of meat.

Siberian Tigers often prey on brown bears that can weigh up to 1, pounds. Just throwing some more info out there. I found a size comparison between the two.

Looking at this I find it unlikely that the tiger would win. Is that an argument? Are there any Siberian Tigers located around polar bears?

Brown bears not polar bears. They are of similar size though when looking at the brown bears in eastern Russia. Also tigers kill adults as well, not just babies.

Can a Siberian Tiger kill a brown bear in a fight? A polar bear is not as different from an Easter Russian brown as you think.

They are of similar size. Brown bears are very fat. They build up loads of fat storage to hibernate. While they are similar size, the difference in strength is pretty significant.

Polar bears have evolved to kill things, and little else. That is a big deal in a fighting situation. Again, there is no information about tigers killing full grown brown bears.

It simply does not happen, and polar bears are in fact bigger and stronger than brown bears. A famous tiger Dale , that did kill 4 bears only ever killed bears that were equal too or smaller than it.

This is a tough one. Polar bears are MUCH bigger and MUCH stronger, however tigers are faster and more agile, however all this agility might not come in handy in a snowy field, with no trees to climb and large objects such as rocks, hills to use as an advantage.

Polar bears are extremely more insulated due to living in the artic they actually tend to overheat in the snow! Tigers kill bears that big all of the time in Siberia.

No tiger regularly eats bears even remotely as big as polar bears. Killing a walrus is irrelevant. I am not sure why you said that.

We can also see the insane strength of polar bears in that they are able to just drag walruses around with ease.

Polar bears possess enough power to tear through thick layers of tough blubber. Tigers do not have thick layers of blubber to protect them, a single decent blow from the bear could kill the tiger.

Polar bears often fight each other and so are used to taking more damage than the tiger could output. The bear is bigger, stronger and more durable.

The shark starts the encounter with an exploratory bump. After confirming the hippopotamus is indeed food, the shark bites the side, but the massive girth combined with the enormous weight of the hippopotamus is too much of a mouthful for the smaller shark.

Even the thick skin in the back leg proves too tough. All while, the hippo has been roaring in pain, not knowing what hit him, but his bad temper lights a fire in his belly.

Soon, the hippopotamus submerges and spots the deadly shark. The enraged hippopotamus comes towards the shark, and the shark comes towards the hippopotamus, who then opens his mouth, revealing his huge sharp foot-long canine teeth , but the bull shark keeps coming and is finally crushed and killed when the larger hippopotamus closes his mouth on it.

A gray wolf is feeding; from a great distance, a cougar catches the smell of meat, and comes to investigate. The cougar comes across the wolf eating.

Lying down, she thinks about how to steal the meal without having the wolf call for reinforcements. Soon after, the wolf notices the cougar and growls.

The cougar growls in response. The wolf howls to his pack for backup. Realizing she is in grave danger, the cougar tries to retreat, but the wolf bites her paw.

Furious, the cougar rolls onto her back, rakes the wolf with her claws and throws him off to the ground, killing the wolf at once. The cougar prepares to eat, but she then hears the wolf pack approaching.

Left with no choice, the cougar leaves the kill and flees straight to the forest. Suddenly, a hungry polar bear comes by to attack the walrus.

Startled and nervous, the walrus heads straight for the sea. Although it briefly manages to latch on with its sharp teeth, the bear cannot do much serious damage.

The walrus then tries to stab the bear with its four-foot tusks, but the agile predator anticipates this. As the walrus flees, the bear holds on and gets dragged into the ocean, afterwards, the walrus turns around, goring the bear with its tusks.

The bear, wounded and running out of air, heads straight back to the surface. The dead bear sinks into the ocean.

In the Siberian woodlands in wintertime, a Siberian tiger is feasting on its kill, a large brown bear is roaming around, looking for one more meal before going into hibernation.

The tiger then suddenly spots the bear. Not in the mood to share, the tiger roars at the bear to back off, but the bear ignores the warning and continues to advance.

The tiger tries a body blow, but the bear absorbs the impact without losing balance. The bear then approaches the kill, but the tiger recovers and pounces on the bear from behind, cutting him with its claws, but fails to disable him.

Upon seeing this, the lion roars at the crocodile to back off, but he does little than get a loud hiss from the crocodile. The lion tries to flip the crocodile to reach its unarmored belly, but a roll and tail swipe stops him from doing so.

Determined to get rid of the lion, the crocodile heads back to the water, and gets out of sight. All of a sudden, it is too late.

The crocodile launches a surprise attack on the lion, grabbing his neck and dragging him to the water.

The crocodile soon performs a death roll, which kills the lion at once. A mountain gorilla silverback has left his family in the trees, looking for a place to spend the night.

Around the same time, an African leopard leaves her cubs to go hunting. The leopard then sees the gorilla walking by and interprets him as a threat.

The gorilla, upon seeing the leopard, sees it too as a threat to his troop. He tries to avoid the fight, beating his chest, growling and howling in the process, but the leopard does not flinch.

The gorilla approaches, swiping at the leopard, who soon leaps onto a cliffside. However, the gorilla throws the leopard off, but she leaps onto his back again, but cannot get a grip.

Both opponents stare and snarl at each other. Desperate, the leopard makes a final lunges towards the gorilla, but the gorilla throws his powerful arm onto its spine, breaking it and killing the leopard.

An anaconda is out stalking for prey in the Amazon river. However, a jaguar is stalking nearby. The big cat then enters the water, right in front of the giant snake.

The jaguar then stops briefly, apparently sensing the reptile before being distracted by a bird calling in the distance. This lapse in attention allows the anaconda to get the perfect opportunity to attack the big cat, during which the snake begins to coil around its victim.

The big cat furiously claws at the anaconda and bites its tail. Injured, the snake attempts to retreat, but begins to get dragged ashore by the jaguar.



Tiger Vs Bear Video

Tigers vs Bear : 2 Bengal Tigers fight an Asiatic Black Bear{/ITEM}


vs bear tiger - sorry

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